5 Best Cccam Cardsharing Service Providers for 2015

Verified premium cccam


Topcccamserver provide the best of 5 verified premium cccam cardsharing service, you can read the review for each provider and choose the best for you , we tested about 20 verified premium cccam in world , for each one we test the Continuity of service ( free freeze ) , the speed of the decrypt the channels, satellite packages , and the price ( cheapest cccam server ), and support responsiveness .

In the top of the site you find the ranking and rating of 5 top verified cardsharing provider.

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Dreambox Paths for different Emulators cardsharing

where you put your cline or your active code or key for different Emulators dreambox enigma2

Keys Directory: /var/keys/ – Softcam.Key Autoroll.Key
Prgram file : /var/bin/
Config Files : /var/etc/
AU Files : /var/keys/Autoroll.Key
Keys Directory: /var/keys – seca,nagra,via,i*****,conax
Prgram files: /var/bin – gbox
Config Files: /var/keys – gbox_cfg
AU Files: /var/keys/roms/
Keys Directory: /var/keys – camd3.keys
Prgram files: /var/bin – camd3
Config Files: /var/keys – camd3.conf – camd3.config
AU Files: /var/keys/ – seca_hash.bin – seca2_hash_0070.bin
seca2_mask_0070.bin – camd3.keys
Keys Directory: /var/keys – Autoupdate.Key & Keylist.txt
Prgram files: /var/bin – evocamd
Config Files: /var/keys – camd_cfg
AU Files: /var/keys – Autoupdate.Key – /var/scce/
keys directory: /var/scce -keylist, ppua, rsakeylist & tpscrypt of
/var/tuxbox/scce (newcamd 6.01, kan oude dir gebruiken)Program files: /var/bin – newcamd, cardserv, cardspider, betadserv

Config files: /var/tuxbox/config – newcamd.conf, cardserv.cfg, betad.cfg
AU files: /var/scce/ – nagrarom3.bin, nagraram3.bin, nagraepr3.bin,
sttestrom3.bin, stmaprom3.bin, nagrarom7.bin, nagraram7.bin,
nagraepr7.bin, nagrarom10.bin, nagraram10.bin, nagraepr10.bin,
nagrarom11.bin, nagraram11.bin, nagraepr11.bin, rsakeylist
keys directory: /var/keys – SoftCam.key & AutoRoll.key
Program files: /var/bin – mgcamd
Config files: /var/keys – mg_cfg
AU files:
Keys Directory: /var/keys – seca2,nagra,via, – i*****,conax
Prgram files: /var/bin – scam
Config Files: /var/keys – softcam.cfg
AU Files: var/keys/ – seca2 – /nagra_rom
Radegast :
keys directory: /var/keys – SoftCam.key & AutoRoll.key
Program files: /var/bin – rdgd, camd.rdgd, netpilot
Config files: /var/etc – radegast.cfg
AU files: Need a patched driver for older conax cards
Keys Directory: /var/keys – Softcam.Key, AutoRoll.key & constant.cw
Program Files: /var/bin – CCcam
Config Files: /var/etc – CCcam.cfg
AU Files: /var/keys – Autoroll.key

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Premium cardshare

Premium cardshare

  • Price
  • Speed
  • Package
  • Support

premium cardshare is a UK based company that takes advantage , allowing it to offer a very high Cardsharing level of guaranteed anonymity to its customers. In our tests of the service we found that premium cardshare had a good overall attitude to users. privacy which, fast connection speeds fastest ECM and All cards are local, No freez , best price …..etc

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