5 Best Cccam Cardsharing Service Providers for 2015

How to add c-line cccam server in Dreambox via DCC

Tutorial video How to adding c-line cccam server in Dreambox via DCC (dreambox control centre)

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How to add c-line cccam server in SKYBOX F3 F4 F5 X3 X5 M3 openbox s11 s10 s9

tutorial video
how to setup and put cccam server line manually in SKYBOX F3 F4 F5 X3 X5 M3 openbox s11 s10 s9

1 Go to Menu -> CCcam Client Setup -> Manage Config Files and Click OK
2 And under Manage Config Files, browse to 1. CCcam.cfg and click OK.
3 Click Blue button to add and you will be prompted with new screen to key in necessary information.
4 Key in respective information such as CCcam (under Protocol), and also the respective Host, Port, User and Password as you gotten from us by email,
5 Click yellow button (OK) and you are done.

Video: How to add c-line cccam server in SKYBOX F3 F4 F5 X3 X5 M3 openbox s11

adding cccam line to skybox and openbox

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Verified premium cccam


Topcccamserver provide the best of 5 verified premium cccam cardsharing service, you can read the review for each provider and choose the best for you , we tested about 20 verified premium cccam in world , for each one we test the Continuity of service ( free freeze ) , the speed of the decrypt the channels, satellite packages , and the price ( cheapest cccam server ), and support responsiveness .

In the top of the site you find the ranking and rating of 5 top verified cardsharing provider.

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Dreambox Paths for different Emulators cardsharing

where you put your cline or your active code or key for different Emulators dreambox enigma2

Keys Directory: /var/keys/ – Softcam.Key Autoroll.Key
Prgram file : /var/bin/
Config Files : /var/etc/
AU Files : /var/keys/Autoroll.Key
Keys Directory: /var/keys – seca,nagra,via,i*****,conax
Prgram files: /var/bin – gbox
Config Files: /var/keys – gbox_cfg
AU Files: /var/keys/roms/
Keys Directory: /var/keys – camd3.keys
Prgram files: /var/bin – camd3
Config Files: /var/keys – camd3.conf – camd3.config
AU Files: /var/keys/ – seca_hash.bin – seca2_hash_0070.bin
seca2_mask_0070.bin – camd3.keys
Keys Directory: /var/keys – Autoupdate.Key & Keylist.txt
Prgram files: /var/bin – evocamd
Config Files: /var/keys – camd_cfg
AU Files: /var/keys – Autoupdate.Key – /var/scce/
keys directory: /var/scce -keylist, ppua, rsakeylist & tpscrypt of
/var/tuxbox/scce (newcamd 6.01, kan oude dir gebruiken)Program files: /var/bin – newcamd, cardserv, cardspider, betadserv

Config files: /var/tuxbox/config – newcamd.conf, cardserv.cfg, betad.cfg
AU files: /var/scce/ – nagrarom3.bin, nagraram3.bin, nagraepr3.bin,
sttestrom3.bin, stmaprom3.bin, nagrarom7.bin, nagraram7.bin,
nagraepr7.bin, nagrarom10.bin, nagraram10.bin, nagraepr10.bin,
nagrarom11.bin, nagraram11.bin, nagraepr11.bin, rsakeylist
keys directory: /var/keys – SoftCam.key & AutoRoll.key
Program files: /var/bin – mgcamd
Config files: /var/keys – mg_cfg
AU files:
Keys Directory: /var/keys – seca2,nagra,via, – i*****,conax
Prgram files: /var/bin – scam
Config Files: /var/keys – softcam.cfg
AU Files: var/keys/ – seca2 – /nagra_rom
Radegast :
keys directory: /var/keys – SoftCam.key & AutoRoll.key
Program files: /var/bin – rdgd, camd.rdgd, netpilot
Config files: /var/etc – radegast.cfg
AU files: Need a patched driver for older conax cards
Keys Directory: /var/keys – Softcam.Key, AutoRoll.key & constant.cw
Program Files: /var/bin – CCcam
Config Files: /var/etc – CCcam.cfg
AU Files: /var/keys – Autoroll.key

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